The Original

All Abord!

Journey to the Islands


After deciding to intrepidly go towards the Ostlea Islands, Raheem DeVaughn told the Shields to go to his mansion and pickup some gear for the trip since the adventurers helped him out so much.


The adventurers go to Raheem’s wondrous bayside mansion next to the markets. They are greeted by Elsie Eras, Raheem’s secretary. She tells them that Jimbo will accompany them to the storeroom to help secure the gear for the intrepid heroes.

The Shields took a wonderful bounty of potions from the storeroom and went to the docks to find passage to the islands. After snooping around the docks, they encountered Captain Duty Getie, captain of the Fraternity. They questioned the crew about the Black Gems and where they may find them and were directed to the shadier area of the market where one could find ill-begotten goods.


The Shields made it to the Islands without any problems and scoured the areas asking anyone about where to find ill-begotten goods and possibly evil Black Gems.

They met Ranjit, a shady gem dealer who after being probed for a long time, divulged that some alchemists were making some Black Gems and seeing them for a few hundred gold. He explained also that vassals of important lords from Eberon and other townships and cities procured these gems for their lords. Ranjit also said that the alchemists were selling their wares on a ship called the Arctic Blight.

The Shields confronted the gem trading alchemists and met their mysterious leader, Alkehest Greenstar. Under the guise of traveling vassals for an important lord, Zable Boobe did not realize Alkahest lit a candle of Zone of Truth and forced her to reveal her true intentions! Intentions of stoping the trade of the gems and possibly killing the alchemists!!



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