The Original

Big Trouble in Littlesouth

New Enemy in the Scabbard!

The Shields come to the small town of Littlesouth. Little did they know that their little pit stop would turn into a full fledged intrepid adventure! People in the town were being killed for no apparent reason and the Shields agreed to find and capture the perpetrator. When the party used Zable Boobe as bait to lure the attacker, Zable was immediately knocked out by a powerful bow attack by the assassin. Through good use of sleep spells and brute force, the attacker was cut down. The party forgot to stabilize the assassin and she bled out. The party then rummaged through her belongings and found out that she was a Sword of Teldres! A secret order of warriors bent on killing the inhabitants of Havara. When the group returned to Littlesouth, they were greated with a party in their honor and the day was named Shield Day in honor of the group that saved the town from certain destruction. The party is now refreshed and stronger than ever as they head off in the sunrise towards Gehenna!



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