The Original

Circle of Blood

Finally in Gehenna!


After narrowly squeaking through a goblin siege, our Intrepid adventurers finally get into Gehenna’s tall and foreboding walls! After getting to the Citadel of Blood , they talked to High Bishop Damonos, the Holy leader of Gehenna. They discussed about the Black Gem and the adventurer’s decided to give it to Damonos for safe keeping. As a reward and a show of good faith, Damonos sent the adventurers to Reagent Thor who let them pick a few prizes from Gehenna’s treasury. Brynn Stonebeard was pretty gruff to the adventurers but offered prizes and some ways to help the failing defense of the city. After receiving their reward, the Shields were tasked to bring the head of Smergle Shivfingers. Smergle was giving the soldiers of Gehenna many problems by using guerrilla fighting tactics outside the city. When trying to leave the city the guards would not let them out but they were told by a Flying Letter to go through a secret entrance under the tavern, The Hungry Unicorn. After walking through the passage just small enough to kiss Rusdagar’s fair coat, they found the warm sun and green leaves of the forest.

After wandering around looking for Goblin tracks, the party comes across one of the shattered and broken bodies of the Fantastique Four.

Nearly giving up hope of finding Shivfingers, the party is caught off guard by the wily and strong Nergle! The adventurers fight off and kill the goblins after a lengthly battle. As they went back through the secret entrance, Zable Boobe spotted out some goblin scouts and managed to capture them and bring them to the foot of Reagent Thor. As the intrepid heroes walk into the Citadel, they discover that their old campanion Artephius Mercury has returned and has been commissioned by Gehenna to stop the Goblin Siege. After some small interagations by Zable and preparations by a few other members of the Shields, the city was under attack!

A large force of goblins were able to sneak through the tavern secret entrance because of a distraction attack led by a mysterious undead creature. After a tough battle, the undead creature started to burn away and stare into Taron’s eyes wildly as his body crumbled to dust. Art was concerned that this could have been related to his alchemical issues but under further inspection found out it was from a overpowering necromantic source.

Reagent Thor thanks the Shields greatly and tells them to meet up withRaheem DeVaughn, the Lord of Gehenna’s markets for another quest to help out the city!

After walking through the once bustling markets, they approached Raheem’s mansion. Raheem offered the heroes 5000 gold pieces to make people confident to shop at the markets during the siege. He assured the Shields that it was completely safe to shop there due to the location of the market and his team of security. The adventurer’s collect their bounties and their courage for their next intrepid adventure!!!



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