The Original

Fogmeadow Follies

Geting Baby Fever

Our intrepid adventurers continue on their way towards Gehenna! They stop at the half-way point between White Rock and Gehenna in the bustling trading town of Fogmeadow. As the New Shields approach the town they are met by a mysterious figure named Ein Reiner. Ein tells the party that the town captain wants to talk to them. To their surprise, they see Artephius Mercury with Daniel Goldtooth, the town captain. The village has been under constant fear as a “monster” went around town randomly to capture mostly small children and babies. The party agreed (Art agreed) to help the town. Ein tracked down the “monster” with no help from Rusdagar, the former party tracker/leader. When the party approached the den of the monster, they were attacked by it’s spawn of mutated babies! They party fought hard and Shaqembe and Ein Reiner were both affected by baby fever! Which is a crippling disease and paralyzed the two doomed heroes. With the loud commotion the monster awoke and approached the party. Taron Tessera made a mighty charge against the monster and gravely wounded it. Both Zable Boobe and Artephius Mercury worked together to inject the monster with Art’s cure using True Strike. The monster howled in pain as slowly transformed back into his original self. But to Art’s dismay, it was not the person he thought it would be. Charles Rose was passed out on the ground and the baby spawn he created also turned back into screaming, frightened babies. The town lauded the heroes’ return and the town captain, Daniel Goldtooth was so happy that he went out and had drinks with the heroes on him! It slowly turned into a large party!
Meanwhile, Art performed tests and asked questions about Charlie’s current state and asked what Charlie knew. It turns out that he was a farmer on the outskirts of Gehenna and was attacked from the behind by a mysterious being. Art also found out that the High Pope Lazarus went to Gehenna to pick up some kind of artifact. The party doesn’t know if the High Pope is still in Gehenna. They rush off towards the besieged city with some new members (Artephius Mercury and Ein Reiner) with ambivalent missions to save Gehenna!



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