The Original

Hot Pursuit

Dash's Last Soliloquy


Our intrepid adventurers dash off to catch the fleeing bard Dash Sparktongue! Unfortunately, Ein get captured by the town guard before the could escape the closing town gates and only three of our heroes manage to maintain pursuit.

Taron was able to use his masterful horsemanship to stay on Dash’s tail but it took the superior tactics of Shaqembe whose knowledge of the area found a shortcut to cut of the fleeing thespian.

Dash, in trouble, cast a powerful sleep spell that knocked out Shaqembe and Taron out. Taron who woke to the ground after falling off his mighty steed, immediately saw that they had fallen into a goblin war patrol!

They fought valiantly but Dash was slain by a javelin in the neck. The New Shields were able to kill the whole goblin group except for one hobgoblin that ran away.

After heroically looting all the bodies, Taron discovers a Black Gem on Dash that is cold to the touch. The party does not know what it is exactly.


They came across a puzzle shrine on their way to Gehenna and solved it after a long time. Getting some gold, a ring and a special map fragment .

They finally got to Gehenna and when inside the large walls was approached by High Bishop Damonos who sensed a great evil emanating from the group. The Shields showed the Black Gem and they were taken to the Citadel of Blood.



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