The Original

Make Gehenna Great Again!

also the fall of Gehenna


The New Shields were tasked by Raheem DeVaughn to help the economy of the famous Gehenna Marketplace. The Shields got to work to find the solution for Gahenna’s money problems. Taron Tessera expertly found a town crier stand and found some out of work bards to perform some music in the markets. Zable Boobe used her inspiring words to invoke the feelings of security and patriotism to spend and trade within the markets! The adventurers probed further into the situation of people’s distrust to be in the markets and talked to a fellow by the name of Skippy Magoon and was told that people needed food and more security to feel safe in the marketplace. He explained that since the Goblin Siege was going on, people had less access to goods to ships not leaving the docks as frequently and the farms outlying Gehenna had been raised by the goblins. The party immediately funded poorer townsfolk to spend gold and help the traders out as well as the townsfolk.

The party also starts the Gehenna Defensive Initiative! The party donated 1000 gold pieces to the markets guards to equip them with newer and the latest gear. Even Zable tried to show the guard to be better fighters and despite ruffling some feathers, some of the guards learned a trick or two.

With the handwork of the Shields, the marketplace started to swell with the numbers Gehenna used to have before the Goblin Siege. Raheem gladly rewarded the party with the rest of their reward!


The adventurers were sent towards the Citadel of Blood to meet up with the lords of Gehenna under dark crimson skies! After talking to Zable’s good friend Ol’ Lusty, they enter to talk to High Bishop Damonos about the dark black gem they found on Dash Sparktongue’s dead corpse.

After Art discovered the magical properties of the gem, Damonos revealed that his hand had a black mark from the gem that seemed to grow. Art said there was a sacred shrine in the surrounding woods and that the gem could be destroyed in the waters on the shrine.

After hearing that information, Raheem gave them passes to leave the city and embark on their latest intrepid adventure!

As the Shields were leaving the city, they noticed that two villagers looked suspicious by having red gleaming eyes and wide-toothed grins. As Art tried to interrogate the villagers, strange things started to plague the Shields by showing them strange hallucinations and giving them nausea. As the party starts to pass out from EVIL, Shaqembe notices many dark figures approaching… then darkness

The party wakes up in the tavern eerily quiet and they couldn’t find anyone. As they went outside the building, crazed villagers ran at unnatural speeds towards the the hapless adventurers!

They flee to the Citadel only to find Damonos fully taken over by the evil black gem. They fight the villagers and helplessly try to move a simple and light throne to escape! The Shield’s true hero Rusdagar effortlessly moved the throne and the Shields escaped!!!



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