The Original

Mystery revealed!

Fight in the Arctic Blight


Zable Boobe inadvertently told the Mysterious Leader of the Acqua Regia that the group was there to destroy the Black Gems the alchemists were creating.!

A fight broke out immediately that pitted Taron Tessera and Zable in a deadly fight against seven members of the order as well as Alkehest Greenstar, their leader. Alkehest drank a potion that made him grow 5 times larger and started to duel Taron.

As the dynamic duo were being pelted by toxic and burning tonics, Artephius Mercury took the guise of one of the members of Aqua Regia, Reggie, and scaled the Arctic Blight and found a large stash of the gems. With nimble grace that only a drugged up 900 year old man could have, gracefully entered the window of the storage room and destroyed the gems by setting fire to them. He briefly paused to grab one of the gems but when he touched it, the gem disturbed him too much and through it into the fire.

Both Taron and Zable seem to be losing the fight against the alchemists and decide to try to retreat. As they are trying to escape, Art starts throwing bombs at the members of the Order.

Alkahest sees Art and decides to call a retreat and they escape on Flying Carpets! Of course not before Alkehest drops a fire bomb in the already burning ship (thanks to Art) and nearly kills Taron in the process.


Taron flies into the ocean as the ship explodes but manages to faintly make out a list on parchment on a alchemy desk.

Zable and Taron both struggle to swim to safety but Art manages to save Taron from drowning.

When the intrepid adventurers get to shore they are greeted by the villagers of the island and they offer help to the adventurers. However, Taron only wants to find Rusdagar. He learns from a villager that a man named Mundo Bundungo stole Rusdagar!

What will the adventurers do now? Try to chase the mysterious leader of the Acqua Regia or save Rusdagar from an unknown fate?!?



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