The Original

Shields on Stage

No time for an intermezzo!

With Gehenna in the distance, The Shields of Havara make a pit stop in the town of Billton. After arriving, they see a large group of people surrounding a really really good looking bard. They find out that the bard is the world famous Dash Sparktongue! The intrepid adventurers get rubbed the wrong way by Dash’s extreme arrogance. The group decides that some R&R is much needed and go a little crazy in their room. Dash gets annoyed and tells the party off. After seeing some shadowy figures following Dash, they realize that the figures are a group of assassins planning on killing Dash and they try to protect him. Using great investigation skills and spy tactics they find the two assassins in the Grinning Badger Inn, which coincidentally is where the Shields were staying! They find out that the assassins are planning on killing Dash during one of his plays and go to the famous theatre in the town, Quentin Hall. While trying to protect Dash, Taron Tessera accidently punches out Dash and knocks him out. Using the Hat of Littlesouth, Taron disguises himself as Dash and puts on a terrible performance. They find out that the potion in the last scene of the play is the dealth brew that would kill Dash. They stop the assassination and interrogate and kill the assassins. What they didn’t know was that Dash was trying to be killed because he was a threat to Havara and the assassins were sent by the King. After realizing their mistake, the Shields chase after Dash who is "dashing’’ of towards Gehenna!


I totally forgot that Taron had an AMAZING performance as Dash. It’s too bad he panicked and immediately punched him in the face. Although in retrospect, knowing he was a bad guy Taron is totally okay with punching that guy in the face.

Shields on Stage

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