The Original

The Sundering

of the Black Gem


The intrepid Shield’s awake to find themselves in the swampy region near the forests of Legolin, kingdom of the Elves!. As they rouse from there nightmare back in Gehenna they are greeted by menacing figures! As the fog clears they all appear to be cafolk but Shaqembe cannot recognize them. The leader, a super jacked hulking catfolk, identifies himself as Chestshire and tells the Shields that this is Victor’s domain now!

The adventurers suddenly wake up!


As they rouse themselves, they notice they are in the forest that they fought the goblins in a few days ago… A man named Tycer Suncatcher comes over to them saying they suddenly fainted after taking the black gem out of the city and Damonos sent him to help the Shields. The intrepid party realized that they had been hallucinating and that Gehenna was not destroyed. At first the group felt threatened by Tycer but gained his trust as they went through the forest towards the shrine to destroy the gem. As they approach the shrine, Tycer faints and falls of the noble and powerful Rusdagar. Suddenly, they are attacked by deranged goblins who attack with a savagery not seen by any goblins they have encounter yet! After a fierce battle where Rusdagar killed most of the goblins, they now have to decide how to destroy the black gem.

Tyler awakes and sees a holy hammer in which to smash the gem upon the altar at the shrine. The Shields start to argue who should destroy the gem and try to prevent Tycer from destroying it. However, Tycer smashes the gem into pieces releasing a large dark wave of evil energy destroying all living things around the shrine. Luckily the Shields were standing in the protective waters of the shrine and were saved! Unfortunately for Tycer, he was totally wounded during the blast in a most gruesome of ways. His body was tainted with the evil black gem energy and to Taron’s dismay, Art and Zable both execute Tycer to prevent any further destruction the gem’s energy may have caused.

Taron storms off towards Gehenna in a righteous rage as the rest of the Shields meander back on their own.

As they all meet up at the Citadel of Blood, Taron and Zable get into a very heated argument until veteran guard, Ol’ Lusty breaks up the fight and shows them to Damonos for a debriefing of the situation.

Damonos is saddened by the news of his most trusted Primate dying in the fight. He goes on to tell the intrepid Shields that after some studying and consultation, the gem appeared to be manufactured by some kind of ancient alchemy. Raheem DeVaughn also told the adventurers that he heard some gems of similar description were being sold in the markets! Despite Raheem’s agents inside the market telling the vendors to leave Raheem believes that the merchants should be stopped before the gems are distributed around the entire kingdom. The Shields decide to follow the merchants to the Ostlea Islands in hopes to end the production of the gems and intrepidly save the day!



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