Raheem DeVaughn

Lord of Gehenna


An imposing man standing a little over 6 feet. He has red hair and dark eyes. At his side is a glowing red and black saber.


Raheem is the Lord of Gehenna’s vast markets. This makes him the richest person in the Kingdom with an estimated net worth of around 10 million gold pieces. Little is known about how he got himself on the council and how he got to be the owner of the markets. To everyone, it seems like he has always been here. When investigations are made to find out his secrets the people tend to disappear very quickly, never to be seen again.

He is not only a very rich person but also a renown duelist and was one of the only humans to ever win the Grand Championship at the Eberon Area. He is the current owner of Blood Drinker , a saber that can steal the life out of it’s victims and give the wielder more power.

Despite his secrets he rules Gehenna as part of the council very fairly and the city’s inhabitants generally like him.

Raheem DeVaughn

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