Reagent Thor

Ruler of Gehenna


This massive hairy man towers over most people at near 7 feet tall. Not only is he tall but is almost as wide boasting large bulky muscles, veins nearly bursting as he moves. He wears plain clothes compared to what you would think as the Ruler of Gehenna. On his back an oversized claymore hangs loosely on his bulging muscles. He has a stern yet inviting aura that surrounds him.


Thor is the Ruler of Gehenna which makes him the leader of Gehenna’s large army. He rules as part of the Council. He has always lived in Gehenna for most of his life starting as a town guard progressing to Captain of the Guard, then to adventurer, then to General and finally ending up as the Ruler.

The people Gehenna adore Thor and call him the Hero of Gehenna. Thor has done many heroic actions to claim that title.

Reagent Thor

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