Titus Tessera

Barbarian Hero (deceased)


Very tall muscular man with dark red hair and brown eyes.


Titus Tessera was once a close friend of the City Captain of Gehenna. Titus was an adventurer who would often protect the city and go on quests for the City’s behalf. Titus was a skilled fighter and barbarian, best known for his ability with a great sword. His strength was impressive and his endurance could not be beat. It was said that he once fought alongside the Northern Shield, learning a lot of his rage techniques from The Shield himself.
Before becoming an adventurer Titus had a career inside the town guard of Gehenna , but he was stripped of that title after several incidents from his quick temper. Afterwards, Titus became a freelance hero-for-hire offering his services to those who could pay. One such person was an Elf named Lady Theris of the Arcane who asked him to come as protection as she investigated an ancient Order of Old and their questionable practices.

Titus Tessera

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