Northern Shield "Punishment"

Legendary Artifact of the Northern Shield


+5 Spiked Bashing Large Steel Shield (Damage is 2d6 + 10)

3/day Rage
1/day Fire Shield
1/week Disintegrate


The Northern Shield or “Punishment” is the shield of the Northern Shield. The shield’s power directly relates to the Northern Shield’s philosophy of “the best defense is a good offense”. That being said, the shield has the least protection qualities of all the legendary Shields of Havara. What it makes up in light defense more than makes it up in offensive capabilities. In the beginnings of Havara, the Northern Shield would be sent by himself to secure lands from barbarian tribes in the north. He cut a fiery swathe in all that stood in his path. While the Northern Shield held great power, it eventually went to his head and became corrupt. The other three Shields had to put him down and took the Shield from his corpse. When the first Northern Shield died he cursed to wielder of his shield the same fate as him. Despite the curse, the Kings of Havara have appointed strong individuals as the Northern Shield. However, the Northern Shield hasn’t been seen since the beginning of the Grand War.

Northern Shield "Punishment"

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