The Original

Fogmeadow Follies
Geting Baby Fever

Our intrepid adventurers continue on their way towards Gehenna! They stop at the half-way point between White Rock and Gehenna in the bustling trading town of Fogmeadow. As the New Shields approach the town they are met by a mysterious figure named Ein Reiner. Ein tells the party that the town captain wants to talk to them. To their surprise, they see Artephius Mercury with Daniel Goldtooth, the town captain. The village has been under constant fear as a “monster” went around town randomly to capture mostly small children and babies. The party agreed (Art agreed) to help the town. Ein tracked down the “monster” with no help from Rusdagar, the former party tracker/leader. When the party approached the den of the monster, they were attacked by it’s spawn of mutated babies! They party fought hard and Shaqembe and Ein Reiner were both affected by baby fever! Which is a crippling disease and paralyzed the two doomed heroes. With the loud commotion the monster awoke and approached the party. Taron Tessera made a mighty charge against the monster and gravely wounded it. Both Zable Boobe and Artephius Mercury worked together to inject the monster with Art’s cure using True Strike. The monster howled in pain as slowly transformed back into his original self. But to Art’s dismay, it was not the person he thought it would be. Charles Rose was passed out on the ground and the baby spawn he created also turned back into screaming, frightened babies. The town lauded the heroes’ return and the town captain, Daniel Goldtooth was so happy that he went out and had drinks with the heroes on him! It slowly turned into a large party!
Meanwhile, Art performed tests and asked questions about Charlie’s current state and asked what Charlie knew. It turns out that he was a farmer on the outskirts of Gehenna and was attacked from the behind by a mysterious being. Art also found out that the High Pope Lazarus went to Gehenna to pick up some kind of artifact. The party doesn’t know if the High Pope is still in Gehenna. They rush off towards the besieged city with some new members (Artephius Mercury and Ein Reiner) with ambivalent missions to save Gehenna!

Big Trouble in Littlesouth
New Enemy in the Scabbard!

The Shields come to the small town of Littlesouth. Little did they know that their little pit stop would turn into a full fledged intrepid adventure! People in the town were being killed for no apparent reason and the Shields agreed to find and capture the perpetrator. When the party used Zable Boobe as bait to lure the attacker, Zable was immediately knocked out by a powerful bow attack by the assassin. Through good use of sleep spells and brute force, the attacker was cut down. The party forgot to stabilize the assassin and she bled out. The party then rummaged through her belongings and found out that she was a Sword of Teldres! A secret order of warriors bent on killing the inhabitants of Havara. When the group returned to Littlesouth, they were greated with a party in their honor and the day was named Shield Day in honor of the group that saved the town from certain destruction. The party is now refreshed and stronger than ever as they head off in the sunrise towards Gehenna!

Bludgeoning of Smeb
Who is B? and the founding of the New Shields!

The party, using great tactics of fire and killing younglings, defeated Smeb Darkbelch . Shaqembe used his Shillelagh to explode his head! After searching his body, they found a letter saying:


Things are shaping up well. Gehenna will be brought to their knees because of your distractions. You will get the other half of your pay when White Rock is a smoldering pile. Focus on the rest of the southern territories and you will be rewarded greatly in the next life!


The party continues to wonder who this “B” character is. After collecting their 500 gp bounty they head off for Gehenna as the “New Shields of Havara”!

What is in store for our intrepid adventurers?!?

Battle of Goblin Road
Oh shit...Bugbears!

A battle ensues on the road where the adventurers were traveling. The party was able to quickly dispatch most of the goblins. As the party was nearing victory, suddenly a bugbear leader appeared and challenged the party. This foe was proving to be difficult to fight as the bugbear knew extensive blocking and parrying techniques. When things were looking grim, a mysterious stranger appeared in a blink of an eye to help the adventurers. A very tall dwarf wielding a strange weapon that blasted fire out of its tip. With the help of the dwarf, the party took down the leader. However, the party was hurt and had to rest. Shaqembe scouted ahead of the group to see the strength of the goblin encampment. After a few hours he came back with some bad news. The goblin strength was around 90. With 3 “structures”. The party immediately started to plan their attack . . .

The Party is formed!
Although not the fantastique four . . .

The group of intrepid adventurers at The Greedy Boar were thrust into melee as goblins boldly went into White Rock to attack and pillage it’s inhabitants. The party skillfully fought and killed the goblins with use of strategy and a giant flaming cart. After the fight, the party decided to stay together for a quest to collect the head of the goblin leader. Although the party had many different reasons to go collect the bounty (500gp) they all jumped in Art’s Cart under the disguise of the Fantastique Four, a local heroic group of adventurers. As they went south towards the goblin camp, Shaqembe saw two goblin scouts. Since he could not speak, the goblins alerted the camp and sent out warriors to deal with the party. It was quite the cat-tastrophy! Will the adventurers be able to defeat the large goblin raid party?!

The Great Startening!
Where you guys begin!

As we last left our intrepid…

You guys will be all starting in The Greedy Boar tavern/inn. You guys can figure out why you are here whether it is because you just happened to pass through town, you live here or came to White Rock because you wanted to help out with the situation be it for gold or glory! I’m hoping you guys will be together as we start but if you would like we can role-play out the meetings of all of the characters together. Just to recap

  • You have heard rumors and probably seen some of the destruction done by the Goblin Tribe
  • The Town Captain has offered a big reward to the head of the goblin leader and the end to the attacks.
  • Goblin attacks have been happening not just in White Rock but also in Oakmeadow and Erwood.

Also to the people who are not as familiar with some of my DM stuff….

  • Town Captains are like mayors, there is one in every town.
  • The High Pope is the main religious leader of the kingdom and has almost as much power as the king.
  • Towns usually have a High Bishop who is like the tiny High Pope.
  • Alchohol is in the form of jizz or piss. Elf Jizz being the weakest gay shit like Mike’s Hard to Orc Piss being very strong like Everclear.
The Beginining!

The Kingdom of Havara has been in a state of peace for 50 years after the Grand War. After reaching a peace treaty with the Kingdom of Teldres, King Reginald began to rebuild his northern territory. With many of the towns destroyed he made new ones. (See Northern Territory). Most cities in the Kingdom have been helping out like the Dwarves of Eberon and the Elves of Legolin. However, there has been some unrest in the Southern Territory. Some goblin tribes have been getting more bold and have been attacking the southern towns like White Rock and Oakmeadow. The city fortress of Gehenna has been reluctant to send troops down to help so the towns have been enlisting the aid of mercenaries, the town guards and adventurers.


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