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  • Ramses River

    The large river that separates the [[Central Territory|Central]] and the [[Southern Territory|Southern]] Territories. A very strong current prevents most ships to travel up the river however, the town of [[Oakmeadow]] has developed a ship that can go …

  • Legolin

    [[File:560376 | class=media-item-align-center | elven_village_by_artofty-d3j63jd.jpg]] Legolin is the largest elven city in the Kingdom of Havara. Although technically under [[:king-reginald | King Reginald's]] rule, the elves of Legolin have their …

  • Vertelion Inthortan

    Vertelion grew up in nobility as a prince in the elven kingdom and after the [[Grand War]], he proved through his leadership and skill, he was appointed the king of [[Legolin]]

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