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  • The Council

    The council is the ruling body of [[Gehenna]]. It is comprised of three seats. * Lord * Reagent * High Bishop All three work in tandem to run the largest city in the [[Southern Region]]. Through out history, the three members would be chosen …

  • Reagent Thor

    Thor is the Ruler of Gehenna which makes him the leader of Gehenna's large army. He rules as part of the [[Council]]. He has always lived in Gehenna for most of his life starting as a town guard progressing to Captain of the Guard, then to adventurer, …

  • Raheem DeVaughn

    Raheem is the Lord of Gehenna's vast markets. This makes him the richest person in the Kingdom with an estimated net worth of around 10 million gold pieces. Little is known about how he got himself on the council and how he got to be the owner of the …

  • High Bishop Damonos

    Hand selected to be part of [[The Council]] by the [[:high-pope-lazarus | High Pope ]] himself, Damonos is one of the most powerful clerics in the kindom. He is known as the Darkness Bane and is renown for his undead destroying abilities.

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