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  • Ring of the Fisherman

    The ring was created by Pelor himself to give as a gift to his closest ally and follower. The ring was created to give almost god-like powers to the wearer which is why Pelor chooses the High Pope extremely selectively.

  • Sons of Pelor

    [[File:587176 | class=media-item-align-center | Fantasy-warrior-weapon-army-armor-sword-arms-shield-1024x640.jpg]] The Sons of Pelor are the elite group of fighters that guard [[:high-pope-lazarus | The High Pope]]. The group is made up of mostly …

  • High Bishop Freen

    Freen the only high bishop of Pelor that is Elven. Standing very tall in pure white robes, Freen seems intimadating, until you meet him. Freen has been the [[High Bishop]] of [[White Rock]] for over one hundred years. Freen is loved by most people in …

  • High Pope Lazarus

    Pope Lazarus has been the High Pope of Pelor for almost 30 years. He took the position after his predecessor died by the hands of a [[Sword of Teldres]]. It took almost 20 years to find a new High Pope because [[Pelor]] did not choose one for many years …

  • High Bishop Damonos

    Hand selected to be part of [[The Council]] by the [[:high-pope-lazarus | High Pope ]] himself, Damonos is one of the most powerful clerics in the kindom. He is known as the Darkness Bane and is renown for his undead destroying abilities.

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