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  • Dog's General Goods

    Dog's is the general store of [[White Rock]] where people can buy goods when the bazaar is not running. One can buy most items from basic weapons, armor, adventuring gear as well as food and a few other curios.

  • White Rock Bazaar

    The Bazaar is the largest place of commerce in [[White Rock]]. On most days, one can find the bazaar running by the large white rock in the center of town. The bazaar has a wide range of items to buy from physical goods to food and other perishables.

  • High Bishop Freen

    Freen the only high bishop of Pelor that is Elven. Standing very tall in pure white robes, Freen seems intimadating, until you meet him. Freen has been the [[High Bishop]] of [[White Rock]] for over one hundred years. Freen is loved by most people in …

  • Vostro

    Vostro is the captain of the guard as well as [[:neville-proudmoore]]'s personal body guard. He is in command of the town's militia and guard forces. Although they are both very small, Vostro has been able to train them well. He has been able to stave …

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