The Southern Shield or “Bulwark” is the Shield that the Southern Shield of Havara wields in battle. This shield is the most powerful shield when it comes to defending the wielder. The original Southern Shield was a very noble and virtuous hero but was afraid to die. He made this shield so he would not be afraid to defend anyone in the kingdom. As he grew old, he passed the shield on to the new Southern Shield. However, in the great war, the Shield was lost in a battle. The Shield at the time, Smokey Joe, was defeated and his shield was taken from him. He fled before he was slaughtered. The foe who took the shield has been using it since then with deadly and nefarious skill. Hopefully the new Southern Shield can reclaim his rightful equipment.

+5 Heavy Fortification Determination Tower Shield.

1/day Greater Energy Resistance (your choice)
3/day Cure Moderate Wounds (self only)
1/week Globe of Invulnerability


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