The city of Gehenna is the largest city in the southern region of Havara. Known as The Jewel of the South, Gehenna is the trading center of Havara. The city is located on the Ramses River. Gehenna has a population of over 90,000 humans, halflings, elves and gnomes. The city is ruled by three groups called The Council. Reagent Thor ruler of the city and military, Raheem DeVaughn, owner of the famous Gehenna’s Markets and High Bishop Damonos head of the churches. Gehenna is the fortress of the southern region of Havara with one of the largest citadels in the kingdom. Named after the Blood God, Ender Evon, the Citadel of Blood is in the Gate Ward of the city. The city is built into the Adamantine Rise mountain. It is the largest mountain in the Kingdom. Even bigger than Eberon.

Stories in Gehenna

Circle of Blood
Make Gehenna Great Again!
The Sundering


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