Legolin is the largest elven city in the Kingdom of Havara. Although technically under King Reginald’s rule, the elves of Legolin have their own independent government that acts independently of the rest of the kingdom (similar to a city-state). Many thousands of years ago, the elves were determined to destroy all magic in the world and created a genocide of magic users and magical items. Under a supreme ruler, Corellan Larethian, the first mage slayer, the elves would be a force of torment and destruction for hundreds of years. Even after Corellan was killed by the Heroes of Old, the elves still continued their genocidal rampage until their city was taken over by the human coalition that eventually became the Kingdom of Havara.

To make sure the Elves would not kill anyone unjustly, the elves came to a decision to create the Court of Avis to help the ruler of elves.

Currently, the ruler of Legolin is Vertelion Inthortan.


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