Shields of Havara

The Story of the Shields

In the first days of Of the land, the first King thought that the three regions of Havara needed protectors for its citizens; knights who could be trusted to care for the people above themselves and defend them against monsters and men who would do them harm.

The first King chose a knight for the mountainous regions from the dwarves, a Knight for the forests from the Elves and , a Knight from the Northern regions, a Knight for communities along the Ramses River from the Humans. Their names and identities were kept secret so the Shields would belong to their whole region rather than their individual communities. They were simply the West Shield, East Shield, North Shield and South Shield.

These Knights swore an oath to be the shields for the people of Havara. To protect them and provide aid. To keep the every citizen from the craftsmen to the farmer safe from impending danger.

However, these knights have not been seen since the conflicts leading to the Grand War. Some even question their existence completely.

Shields of Havara

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