The Western Shield or "Stasis’’ is the Shield that the Western Shield of Havara wields in battle. This shield is made to fight many enemies and tire them so they could not cause any harm. The original Western Shield was a dwarf from Eberon who was an unparalleled warrior while fighting many enemies. He would fight hordes of enemies by himself while his dwarven brethren would catch a quick respite or retreat. He eventually fell when his castle was overtaken and all his allies died around him. His shield was lost during that fight and many treasure seekers still look to this day for this legendary shield. The people of Eberon can only hope there is still a Western Shield.

+5 Delving Spell Resistant Adamantium Shield

Spell Resistant 19

3/day Transformation
1/day Deadly Juggernaut
1/week Waves of Exhaustion


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