In the Beginning

The Kingdom of Havara has been in a state of peace for 50 years after the Grand War. After reaching a peace treaty with the Kingdom of Teldres, King Reginald began to rebuild his northern territory. With many of the towns destroyed he made new ones. (See Northern Territory). Most cities in the Kingdom have been helping out like the Dwarves of Eberon and the Elves of Legolin. However, there has been some unrest in the Southern Territory. Some goblin tribes have been getting more bold and have been attacking the southern towns like White Rock and Oakmeadow. The city fortress of Gehenna has been reluctant to send troops down to help so the towns have been enlisting the aid of mercenaries, the town guards and adventurers.

Road to Gehenna

A group of adventurers later named the New Shields all met in the town of White Rock for different reasons to fight and kill the goblin leader Smeb Darkbelch. After collecting the bounty on his head, the group decided to go to Gehenna to help against the siege that was being placed on the city. The group travelled by road for a few weeks and stopped at the towns along the road. The Shields would help the towns with their random problems from a Sword of Teldres to a theatre play gone awry! The group finally got to Gehenna and was able to get into the city with no problems. However, the small black gem they got on their travels may play a bigger part in their story than they think right now.

The Fixening of Gehenna and the Goblin Siege

When the New Shields finally got to Gehenna , they were bombarded with pleas of help by the The Council which consisted of the three most powerful people of the city. The Shields killed goblin siege leaders, repelled attacks on the city and restored trade in the famous markets! However, when asked to destroy the small black gem, the Shields ran into some trouble from hallucinations to other sinister things! After they awoke from their nightmarish hallucinations they met Tycer Suncatcher who accompanied them to destroy the gem. The Shields ended up killing Tycer in the end because he was overcome by the dark gems evil radiance which caused a schism in the groups trust between Taron and the others. When they returned to Gehenna, they were treated like actual heros and showered with gifts and gold from Raheem DeVaughn. Emboldened from their victories, they set out to find the source of these evil gems and decided to go to the Ostlea Islands in search of the truth!


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