High Pope Lazarus

High Pope of Havara and Pelor


Friendly looking old man with radiant light gleaming around him. You immediately seem to trust this man as though he was your protector. Wearing simple white robes and High Pope hat, he is dressed plainly. However, he holds in his hand the Staff of Unyielding Light which gleams unyieldingly! And in his other hand he dons the Ring of the Fisherman which looks like a plain solid gold ring.


Pope Lazarus has been the High Pope of Pelor for almost 30 years. He took the position after his predecessor died by the hands of a Sword of Teldres. It took almost 20 years to find a new High Pope because Pelor did not choose one for many years after the Grand War. Lazarus was a simple High Bishop of Holywell which was just being rebuilt from the war. He showed his compassion greatly during this time but what made him separate from the rest was his inhuman ability to not be corrupted! This quality is necessary for being High Pope because of the Ring of the Fisherman and it’s extreme magical properties. After being chosen by Pelor, he went to Arcadia to help the King restore balance to Havara. Ever since he has been a shining symbol of hope for the Kingdom and the followers of Pelor.

High Pope Lazarus

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