Shaqembe's Biography

Shaqembe was born into the Purrfect Catfolk, an ancient tribe of ferocious and intelligent cats that date back before the dawn of the time. They never go anywhere and just stay in the confines of their colony to avoid extinction/attention. Most people believe they are extinct.

Shaqembe was skilled in the outdoors as well as the in, he also has a knack for learning. When his father was bludgeoned to death by a farmer’s almanac, Shaqembe studied those idioms and now uses them against his prey, everytime in honor of his late father. He has yet to discover who murdered his father. He also has no idea who his mother is.

After leaving home, if you can call it that, because all he knew of home was gone, he went on a soul searching quest, taking up various jobs. He was in Pulsar Volurum’s variety show, and toured with them, as Purrfects’ were believed to have been extinct. Shaqembe did not like this job, as he not only feared for his life because of hunters wanting his fur, but also because he needed to avenge his father. A fire burned in him like a fire with no end in sight. Shaqembe traveled, and refined his skills in the natural outdoors.

He became a mercenary for some time with Licktre Cochknob, a former knight of Arcadia who exiled for, what Shaqembe was told, “differences of opinions”. At first Shaqembe ignored it, until he forced to confront it when he witnessed it firsthand. While on a routine mission (pillaging), Shaqembe witnessed Cochknob trail off from the group. Shaqembe used his nimble abilites and followed him, and discovered Cochknob was not only pillaging the town, but also the young women (too young for that matter). Shaqembe then tried to stop it, but Cochknob was too strong. Shaqembe was able to get the girl free, but Shaqembe got a hilt to the back of the head as reward. Cochknob thought he was dead due to the blood loss, but Shaqembe would not go down without a fight. He know knows the true reason why Cochknob was ousted from Arcadia.

Shaqembe has an appetite for justified destruction (and some tuna in a bowl).

Shaqembe's Biography

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